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(extracted from Annual Report 2015)

Our Vision

"...To Be A Fully Integrated High Performing Enterprise With Diversified Business"

Our Mission

"...We Maximise Stakeholders' Values Through Sustainable Development By Actively Engaging The Best Business Practices..."

Corporate Values


Trustworthy and accountable
We stand by high moral values and principles, emphasising transparency in all our conduct, being faithful and honest, and being accountable and taking full responsibility for our business decisions and results.


Ethical application of knowledge
We stress on ethical conduct in the discharge of our duties, ensuring high quality service both within and outside the organisation.


Growing through change and moving ahead of the times
We encourage creativity in our business to produce significant organisational improvements, we welcome new ideas and believe in being forward looking in our business.


Respect and sharing
We respect each other and recognise contributions by each individual. We encourage effective working relationships via an environment which encourages mutual support and care, co-operation and sharing of knowledge and experience.


Always be driven to achieve results beyond stakeholders' expectations
We are result oriented, setting high performance standards for ourselves. We focus on outcomes and achievements, delivering superior performance to stakeholders through sustainable development, hence building a socially responsible organisation.